Service Times

Featured - Pressing Forward

Paul accomplished much for His Lord by casting off the influence of the past and breaking its power by looking to the future focused on "Pressing Forward" by looking to His Lord. Paul challanges through his testimony. Listen to this message as Pastor Knox challanges us on Vision Sunday 2015.


Featured - Striving Together

Paul encourages us as believers to remember who we are... citizens of heaven and children of the King. The reminder of our identity ought to motivate us to live as a child of the King.

Featured - Renewing Our Mind

Romans 12 challanges us to "be transformed" rather than being conformed to the world. But how is this possbile? Our desire is to change our actions and our attitudes, but the reality is that we struggle with this transformation. The key to this transformation is the renewing of our mind. If our thoughts change, our feelings will change. And if our feelings changes, our actions will follow suit.

Featured - Striving Together Part 2

Standing firm in the gospel having one mind, the mind of Christ, Christians are to strive together for the excellencey of Jesus Christ. The time has come for us to be anchors, not dead weights. Together we can accomplish great and mighty things for our King